Some families receiving certain benefits could be eligible to 570 hours of funded early education from the claim period following their 2nd birthday.

Government funding for early education is intended to cover the cost to deliver 15 or 30 hours a week of funded, high quality, flexible childcare. It is not intended to cover the cost of meals, consumables, additional hours or additional services.

Your childcare provider will charge for any hours not funded.

Meals, snacks and consumables may also incur a cost.  Although these charges must be voluntary, parent/carers should expect to pay for these or agree to supply their own.

All providers offering early education in Norfolk have signed a funding agreement which means they have agreed to meet the terms of national guidelines.  How your chosen childcare provider offers early education and the pattern of attendance may restrict the number of hours that can be claimed in total.

Visit the Childcare Choices webpage to find out more about help to pay for your childcare or complete the basic steps to check your eligibility to claim.

(eligibility checks cannot be completed until your child is at least 21 months old)

To claim
Check the current criteria to find out if your child could receive funded childcare 

Please attach documentary evidence to prove eligibility if your child

  • is looked after by the local authority
  • has left care through special guardianship, an adoption or residence order
  • is in receipt of Disability Living Allowance
  • has an Education, Health and Care plan 
Eligibility Check Results
  • FOUND - Go to step 2
  • NOT FOUND - If you are certain that your family meets the benefits criteria, re-check your details in 10 days
  • NOT FOUND with Qualifier - Attach some documentation to prove your eligibility or contact Family Information
Step 2

If your eligibility is confirmed (a code will be emailed to you), your next step is to find a childcare provider that offers the funding.

Step 3
Contact your chosen provider to agree your childcare arrangements and give them a copy of the email message which confirms your child is eligible to receive funded early education.
Need help?

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Department for Education coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline
The Department for Education coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline remains available to answer questions about coronavirus (COVID-19) relating to education and children’s social care.

Staff, parents and young people can contact this helpline by calling 0800 046 8687

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm